September 6, 2012

bastian, ruth and i recorded some stuff. we are really happy with it. hopefully we will release some nice jams. we also played as a trio in anklam/drewelow. our friend iris invited us to a beautiful weekend with lovely people and many evil dogs. krach der roboter, der warst, berglind agustsdottir and indias indios were some of the other great guests.

datashock was also playing on that day. our friends in saarbrücken (who work here: bureau stabil) arranged a summerfest and the boyz played.

ruth is playing her first solo show!

Feathered Coyote Records released a benefit compilation for tom carter. get it and support tom!

Feathered Coyote Records.


Black Tape – Side A:
Herbcraft – Gossamer Web
Hellvete – Nachtwacht
MV+EE with THE GOLDEN ROAD – Tea Devil > Jam (Live 05/18/2012)
Bird People – I Gather The Limbs Of Osiris

Black Tape – Side B:
Common Eider, King Eider – Lung
Autistic Argonauts – Port Of Call
Torùn – Lyse
Simon Dallaserra – It’s Too Blue To Be Blues
Osterizer Cowboy Sound Machine – Lungenflügel

White Tape – Side A:
James Jackson Toth – Slow Money Blues For TC
23:00 A.M. – If Ierd Takien
ghostandthesong feat. Mara – ghostlife
Serge Öhn – Der Heilige Mann
Nine Inch Negl – Easy Way

White Tape – Side B:
Acid Rambo – Yoni Tantra Acid
Toni Traubensaft – Park
El Yoyo Está Grande – Dat Sun Of Peppel Bomze
Tornado Victory – I Got Affection For You
Primordial Undermind featuring Tom Carter – Blinding Stars (Live)