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February 15, 2013

10 Years of Datashock & Meudiademorte!


greetings from pascal:

Looks like that this year we are now arround for 10 fucking years!

to celebrate this we have a few goodies for you:

  • on our Datashock Bandcamp site we will upload most* of our releases for free (but if you are nice person you can give us a donation). new uploads will be published every monday!   (*maybe all.. if we get all masters 2gether)
  • we will release a extreme limited Datashock Family Lathe Cut Box in a edition of 25! this box will house 10 x square 7″ records by the Datashock Family! 2 lathes every 2 months! Released in the style of the Sub Pop Single Club and only for subscribers! On this lathes: Datashock, Pretty Lightning, Flamingo Creatures, Elfenbeinturm, Schrein, Phantom Horse, Sex Temple, Alien Radio,… More infos on this Box soonish! If you are interested to subscribe write a mail to datashock-family-box@meudiademorte.de
  • there will be focus on Datashock with a Lp Box set on Sagittarius A Star in fall with Lps by Datashock, Schrein, Sex Temple…
  • maybe we also finish the mixing for our next album on Dekorder
  • check out our merch section at bandcamp, after moving from saarlouis to saarbrücken i dicscovered a few out of print datashock releases.

enough Datashock news whats up with Meudiademorte? you announced one year ago that new stuff is in the pipeline?

there is new stuff.. but it needed time.. so maybe some of this stuff will see the light:

  • Datashock Family –  Lathe Cut Box w/ 10 x square 7″ records
  • Black To Comm – Loop 7″
  • Phantom Horse – 2×7″
  • Datashock – Unplugged Lp
  • Elfenbeinturm – 12″

and we will also upload most or all records which we released on Meudiademorte! deal?————————————————————————————————————————————-

537068_451574044913867_152325836_n photo (2) photo (3)

Check out: Honest bag.

Bagger wrote about the Datashock – LiveLoveData$ (Eiderdown Records):

“When the recent batch of Eiderdown tapes arrived, I immediately recognized the heady vibes of personal faves, Planets Around the Sun.  Also, there was another tape in the package by Datashock.  With a background in quantitative analysis, I immediately thought about running regressions and trying to find an estimator that is the best, linear, unbiased estimator of its type.  However, there is nothing linear about the gorgeous, ritualistic free folk/psychedelic transmissions of Datashock, and that is an unequivocally good thing.  LiveLoveData$, by Datashock on Eiderdown Records, is pure head music for the krautrock lover in you. They meld influences from Amon Düül II to Agitation Free to Sunburned Hand of the Man, among others, into two exploratory zoners of high caliber.

LiveLoveData$ commences with the otherworldly beauty of ‘Into the Abyss’.  It begins with ethereal incantations that drift through the fog, various types of percussion, and solitary notes that echo in the mind.  The effect is one of heightened awareness.   Before long, the listener is bathed in the beautiful rhythms of ethnic percussion.  As the percussion aligns to your dome, sinuous bass and heady guitar see the collective in jam mode, communicating with the spirits.  It is a beautiful side of music.

The second track, ‘Noch Ein Bisschen Erbs’ is pure psych nectar, so drink deeply.  Compared to side A, this one is even heavier!  It begins in a similar fashion to A, with spacey effects, floating vocals, percussion, and poignant strings.  Gradually, sparse guitar and bass enter the mix.  It’s not long before the listener is catapulted into the cosmos as spacey effects hover along with Amon Düül II-like guitars and percussion.

This is a glistening nug of high quality!  The ideal music for your next crystal-covered journey.  And, at this juncture, I would not expect anything less from Eiderdown.  They know how to do things correctly.  Everything, from the artwork to the music, is excellent.  This one has left many vapor trails in my head, as it makes repeat trips through the dome.  The visuals of Max Clotfelter, which were such a beautiful component of the last batch, grace this release.  I can’t wait to see what Eiderdown releases next!  To secure a copy of this tape, i suggest contacting Eiderdown Records directly.

peace and love, friends :)”




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