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April 2, 2013

MEU DIA DE MORTE is back!!

the website is finally online:

there you can find old  and upcoming stuff. for example the very special birthday release:

lathe cut












Datashock Family Box – 10 x 7″ Lathe Cut

You can Pre Order now! Delivery of the first lathes in the end of april.

10 years anniversary of Meudiademorte & Datashock:

  • 10 x 7″ records
  • packaged in a  wooden box
  • all 10 tracks by artists from the datashock family tree
  • Tracks by:
    Pretty Lightning
    Flamingo Creatures
    Phantom Horse
    Alien Radio
    Sex Temple
  • Part I:
    Pretty Lightning – Mantra De Morte
    Schrein – Antipennersturn / Rosette AufReleasedate end of april

    Part II:
    Alien Radio – Wackeln
    Flamingo Creatures – Saw The Undertaker

    Releasedate end of june

    Part III:
    Releasedate end of august
    Part IV:

    Releasedate end of october

    Part V:

    Releasedate end of  december

check the first tracks here:

After more than one year datashock will play again with the whole clan,so:

the party van is back! if you wanna do a show in germany / belgium / netherlands drop us a line.

06.06.2013 w/ Guardian Angel – Darmstadt @ Oetinger Villa

07.06.2013 TBA

08.06.2013 TBA


We also mixed and mastered the new recordings!















The next SCHREIN show will be in may. NEWS coming soon.


hot news from SICSIC and Phantom Limbo:




Travelling musicians need to eat, promoters need to COOK. In honor of these unsung heroes, we’ll launch the SICSIC KITCHEN TAPES SERIES. These tapes will be available for free when ordering all the new tapes. With every new batch a new cook & his typical recipe will be introduced! Today we’re kicking off our series with Holger Adam, Phantom Limbo – Gigs & More-Chef who dedicated the recipe to Paul Skomsvold aka former selves! So give your ears and your belly the real treat & preorder the upcoming tapes now.

listen to the Musical Digestif by Moritz Finkbeiner!!!

and check out the new pretty lightning video:

pretty lightning