August 1, 2014

as pascal already said: Our trip to Lithuania was great experience and you all should visit the next STRCAMP Festival! Big thumbs up to Matas, Linas (best guide ever), Radvilė, Indrė, Marek, Oras and so much more people! Really a big thank you to everybody who helped and build up this amazing festival! Thanks for your great hospitality!

schrein is on tour. thanks to everyone who is helping us! we really appreciate it and we are looking forward to see all of you soon!!

08.08.2014. Berlin,Germany@ Bei Ruth w/ City Hands, Arvind Ganga
09.08.2014: Bremen, Germany @ K’ w/ City Hands, Arvind Ganga, Astro Cloud, David Wallraf, Hexeneiche, Sleazy Pictures of Teapee
10.08.2014: Frankfurt, Germany @ Office Du Pain
11.08.2014: Essen, Germany @ Denkodrom,
12.08.2014: Hannover, Germany @ Bei Koc
13.08.2014: Brussels, Belgium @ Klein Eiland
14.08.2014: Antwerpen, Belgium @ Het Bos (Bar)
15.08.2014: Mülheim an der Ruhr, Germany @ Destruktiva Fest, AJZ,
16.08.2014: Liege, Belgium @ Terril Piron w/ R.O.T.
17.08.2014: Saarbrücken, Germany @ Fasanerie w/ Sinergia Elettronica ( Jooklo Duo & Metabolismus)


we will have our first lp with us. einszweischrein. and we have to thank pascal, zymryte, holger, johannes, beiruth, datashock family, lars and felix for their help and support!


Schrein – EinsZweinSchrein (Meudiademorte/SPAM 2014)

Is Ronnie choking a duck? No, it’s the squeaking sounds of his clarinet! Is Bastian infested with itching powder? No, he’s playing the drums! And what’s up with Ruth? – Her violin’s moaning like a cat in heat! The improvising trio of Schrein is blasting out some joyful Noise & (No-)Nonsense! Recorded in an abandoned warehouse on the outskirts of Berlin the music echoes the pioneering musical works of Dieter Roth or Jean Dubufett without just imitating goofy gestures and cheerfully sits next to contemporaries like Ghedalia Tazartes, Phil Minton or Limpe Fuchs.

After having released a small run of cassettes and CD-rs „EinsZweinSchrein“ is the trio’s debut release on vinyl. It’s a life-embracing statement, it’s experimental music in opposition to ossified musical orthodoxies: Fearless and funny, friendly and free.

Ruth-Maria Adam and Ronnie Oliveras are also performing and touring as Flamingo Creatures (sometimes together with the aforementioned Limpe Fuchs) and as a part of the psychedelic music collective Datashock. They are experienced players in a mostly invisible German Experimental Music Underground. Bastian Hagedorn also inherits a rich musical past and present by having played in electronic music outfits like Gtuk or Ben Butler & Mousepad and being a member of the underground Black Metal band Sun Worship.

Schrein is a radical departure from well-known musical pathways for all of its three members. Schrein is different. Listen to Schrein.

(Holger Adam)

order infos very soon.


Datashock is doing there “Keine Oase in Sicht” Tour with Pretty Lightning in September!

Datashock “Keine Oase in Sicht” Tour
w/ Pretty Lighting

11.09.2014: Würzburg CAIRO, Jugendkulturhaus Würzburg, Germany
12.09.2014: A Berry Feast – Music, Art & Nature, St. Pölten, Austria
13.09.2014: A Berry Feast – Music, Art & Nature, St. Pölten, Austria
14.09.2014: Praha, Czech @ TBC
15.09.2014: Chemnitz @ Odradek, Germany
16.09.2014: Nürnberg @ Desi, Germany
17.09.2014: Leipzig @ Palmengarten, Germany
18.09.2014: Berlin @ Bei Ruth, Germany
19.09.2014: Hamburg @ Westwerk, Germany
20.09.2014: Tilburg @ Incubate Saturday (Current 93, Goat, Wovenhand, Skitsystem, Pins, Wooden Wand, Thisquietarmy, Unkind and more), Netherlands*
21.09.2014: Brussels @ Klein Eiland 1, Belgium
22.09.2014: Enschede @ The Loch, Netherlands w/ Bird People. Flamingo Creatures
23.09.2014: Antwerpen @ Het Bos, Belgium w/ Cave
24.09.2014: Mülheim @ Makroskope, Germany
25.09.2014: Saarbrücken @ Fasanerie, Germany w/ Bird People
26.09.2014: A Psychedelic Extravaganza Festival II: Datashock, Bird People, Günter Schlienz, Sisto Rossi and more tba., Darmstadt @ Oetinger Villa, Germany *
27.09.2014: Köln @ klubgenauu, Germany w / Christoph Heemann*
18.10.2014: Ottfest @ Duisburg w/ France and more *
* without Pretty Lighting


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