Back from the UK

August 23, 2015

We had a wonderfull trip and would like to thank everyone for their hospitality and support: Thanks to Chris and Dave, Samantha, Phil  and Kostis, Ben and Hannah, Kelly and Pascal, Deren and Gozde, James and Sarah,Krzysztof, Keeby, John and family, Ash, Dave, Robert, Joe, Adam, Murray and Holly, Dex, Peter, Sophie, Jake and Ned and everyone who was involved in Tor ist Das! Festival!! Thank you so much!!! Hope to see all of you soon!!

The biggest thanks go to brother daniel, who made everything possible! sheeesh!


there a two new spam tapes-out now:

Baldruin – Klaue (SPAM, 2015)
Known for his dreamy lo-fi ambient soundscapes Baldruin introduces a sonically more abrasive side on „Klaue“. There’s more distortion, more noise, more abstract random clutter. Chaos reigns sometimes and general darkness prevails. But don’t worry, the man behind the music is as cool, calm and collected as ever.



Flamingo Creatures – U.K. Tour Tape/Rock Classics Vol.1 (SPAM, 2015)
The improvising duo is back in the game for another half hour of joyful electro-acoustic clank. The noise banned on tape ranges from Kluster like proto-industrial to the silent acoustic sensibilities they share with Limpe Fuchs, the grande dame of rolling iron balls and the singing string-pendulum. There’s a lot to discover in the sonic nutshell that the Flamingo Creatures fill with sound.



both available for 5 Euro:


we are really looking forward to play together with limpe fuchs at this festival in september:


check out the amazing line up here: