SPAM 13,14,15 OUT SOON…

December 6, 2015



Spam 15, 2015

A1 Die Grosse Liebe
A2 Die Obdachlos
B1 Der Teufel
B2 Andreea
B3 Tot Eu Tot

On this tape long time underground electronic composer Philippe Blanchard is presenting five new and adventurous cut-up sound collages from the desk of Lieutenant Caramel. Carefully processed, richly textured and constantly changing music. It may be difficult to make out the source of each sound but that’s part of the game and just one reason you’ll be coming back to this music.



NILS QUAK – in girum imus nocte et consumimur igni 

Having released on illustrious labels like SicSic, J&C, Cosmic Winnetou and Sacred Phrases lately, Cologne-based Nils Quak returns to Cologne for another damn fine collection of modular synth-music. Simple as that. „In girum imus nocte et consumimur igni“ – Nils Quak on SPAM. Period. 

I Can See Through Your Eyes
Dream Almost While Still Awake
Plätze In Städten
Zurückbleiben Bitte (Zwischen Wirklichkeit)
Sonne Ohne Licht
Und jetzt auch noch du
Return to Sender

Received 2014 in stolen moments of mid-life angst
Danke Ronnie!

spam 14, 2015
lim. 40


POSSET Standard
SPAM 13, 2015

Joe Murray’s lo-fi-acoustic environments sound like triumphant documents over day-to-day turmoil. There’s a lot of noise in the annoying occurrences one has to deal with 24/7 – why not record, slice and combine all that for a more joyful purpose? Better than growing a stomach ulcer, isn’t it?

“reject the unconventional and embrace the standard! like with that mulligan & baker piano-less quartet the filthy skronk is gone, gone, gone. it’s in with cool grey mouth-sounds and soft minimal dictaphone huss. hope this tickles your silent way. fusion part 2 y’ralfs. your obedient servant – joe posset 2015”

side a: b-boop-boof-b // introducing the choir of doom // posset vs dook // mr forty five // immortal loops // malfunctioning olympus pearlcorder S701 // fucking about listening to birdyak

side b: posset vs lady day // ever the gentleman // posset vs yoni silver // fake soviet tape experiment iv // kerry king

posset’s vulgar wheat army:


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