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April 23, 2016

out now:


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No Intention – Representative Works c60, Spam 17

this cassette was conceived as a rejoinder to its

own mirror. criticism, like the lecture, is much

neglected as art form itself. colors. is it music

to talk about or music to talk over?


policy to misinformant – this cassette was

conceived as a rejoinder, but falls prey to the

selfsame tropes it criticizes – tape, field

recording, room sound. the only difference

here is the utter negligence towards skill, craft

or concept. noises & sounds rather than noise

music or sound art. policy redact – words keep

talking. get rid of images – even this one.

especially this one. it lies.


is the music worth making or is it worth

listening too? i have never determined whether

the poem is something revealed by chipping

away at the uncarved block of language, or if

the poem is instead a pile of pebbles built by

hand, but eventually worn smooth by rain.


language is the slash through an error

which yet leaves the mistake legible.


archiving is a way of forgetting, but

recording is profanity. the temptation, as

always, is to cease the chatter & stop making

work. all that would be left is to abolish

what has come before.


there is never a good reason to write a word.


“allen mozek”


A1 Collected Poems

Tapes (piano) – Sean McCann

A2 Stewart Skinner – Untitled

B1 Enter K

Voice – Russell Walker

B2 Selected Poems

a. Tape Op. Ex. (Four Cartridges)

b. Improvisation Tally

Keyboards – Mike Yaniro

c. World Bluff

Voice, Tapes – T.D.


Mastered by Sean McCann


Tape & Zine (a5), 10euro. write to: spambirds@gmx.de or allen.



20160320_115521 20160320_115541

from whatever angle you approach it, the present offers no way out.

this is not the least of its virtues. from those who seek hope above all,

it tears away every firm ground. those who claim to have solutions are

contradicted almost immediately. everyone agrees that things can only

get worse. “the future has no future” is the wisdom of an age that, for all

its appearance of perfect normalcy, has reached the level

of consciousness of the first punks.


riso printed a4 comic zine, 8euro, write: spambirds@gmx.de

check out dr stegs universe: http://www.batcow.co.uk/steg/comics.htm



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