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August 28, 2016



Kiko C. Esseiva – Zenith Larsen / Nadir Larsen (spam20)

Kiko C. Esseiva’s „Zenith Larsen / Nadir Larsen“ features two sidelong compositions of splendid sonic sensibility. The music’s constructed with care and caution. One noise fits to another like a hand in a glove. This is electro-acoustic elegance extraordinaire! Cool, calm and collected. Released in an edition of 50.




Sisto Rossi – Soundtrack To A Nailed Shut Coffin (spam19)

Sisto Rossi is a veteran in the Noise Underground, a DIY-activist since a toddler, so to speak. He released countless tapes and CD-Rs under a plethora on monikers (Wallkeeper, Sleepwalking, Padme, Houses In Texas etc.) and just a few under his real name. This one is as real as it gets: „Soundtrack To A Nailed Shut Coffin“ sounds and feels exactly like waking up buried six feed down: cold, dark and mouldy. The sound of muffled noises from the outside world above and your bleeding, scratching fingernails inside. There’s no hope, just a few hours left to breath. Relax, there’s nothing left to do. Released in an edition of 40.




S.U.V. – Anghu (spam18)

Speaking of hopeless prospects – „Anghu“ displays (just as Sisto Rossi’s „Soundtrack To A Nailed Shut Coffin“) a bleak and haunted sonic landscape. Sounds of unknown origin randomly appear and disappear, lost voices echo from within, something evil lurks inside a pitch-black darkness. Listen carfully for hints that may lead the way out and better shit your pants now – before it’s too late. Released in an edition of 30.




01.09. günter schlienz und stubenhexe, baustelle kalk, köln

01.09. limpe fuchs, fragmente, wiesbaden

02.09. pretty lightning/datashock, u.v.m., z-bau, nürnberg

09.09. von spar, exploded view, datashock, conne island, leipzig

10.09. 9 jahre golden shop, datashock, friese, bremen

16.09. razen, werner durand, stadtgarten, köln

20.09. chuck johnson, fragmente, wiesbaden


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