spam 1
schrein cdr plus unique poster (lim. 70)
recorded 2012, berlin, by bastian hagedorn
1. lawinenmaus
2. free form hooligan
3. stay positive…………………………………………………………………………………….5 euro


spam 2

Limpe Fuchs + Flamingo Creatures – der wind der wind der winter kimmt

c50 tape (lim 50)

a                                       b

1 tiere                             1 schnurrwind

2 heul                              2 saitenschnurr

3 rollhahn                         3 holztrio

4 wind                             4 pendelschläge

5 bambusvögel              5 jammervögel

aufgenommen in peterskirchen 2012 von limpe, ruth und ronnie…………………………5euro


spam 3

schrein – pikazistischer salon c30 (lim. 50)

a1 schwanenhalsstelzen

a2 sonnenschrein

b1 marshall arts

b2 after showkilling

recorded by bastian hagedorn, may 2013 in berlin………………………………..5euro


spam 4

shirt (schwarz, gelb, blau, weiß, rot/ s, m, l, xl)

collage ronnie, siebdruck ruth und bastian………………………………………….10euro


spam 5

coco – beast & lovers c20 (lim.50)


1.Tetris aka sad poetry for lucky losers I

2.Tetris aka sad poetry for lucky losers II


4.Brutal happy spandex


1. Haldolheike & the garden of meat

2. Kiezgalore

3. Haldolheike & the great NOo

4. Beast & Lovers


all tracks by CoCo (2012-2014)

Beast & Lovers: Betz and Remix by Dialtones (a Telesymphony, 2001-2002:

Golan Levin, Gregory shakar, Scott Gibbons, Yasmin Sohrawardy, Joris Gruber,

Erich Semlak, Gunther Schmidt and Joerg Lehner, Japan 2013)




spam maps. “der erotik reader” no1

riso printed zine


printed by tantra & cha cha

layout by cha cha



spam 6

smacked cucumber – first time in space

first time in space part a

first time in space part b
stealing the american simulator

recorded by ross parfitt and jennifer iker
photos by jennifer iker

more infos:



smacked cucumber are ross parfitt and jennifer iker. it rattles, scrubs, hums, whistles and bangs. two people, one room and the search for sound. the first time in space and the space becomes an acoustic environment.
who knows what everything is here on the recording? perhaps it is the noise in front of your door, you hear …

………………………………………………………………………………..5 euro


spam 7 / meudiademorte 55

schrein einszweinschrein lp



released 18 August 2014

Schrein is:
Ruth-Maria Adam
Bastian Hagedorn
Ronnie Oliveras

Recorded 2012 at Beiroy, Berlin.
Mixed and mastered by Bastian Hagedorn.

Pascal Hector
Zymryte Hoxhaj



ansgar wilken – thank you tape


















cello, fiddle, keyboard, electronics, samples, camping dishes, glasses, hamster cage by ansgar wilken

recorded by ansgar wilken, mastering by frank schültge blumm, cover art by ruth-naria adam


spam 9

Sinergia Elettronica-Maribor

sinergia cover

Straight outta Degenfeld: Sinergia Elettronica – the joined forces of Free Jazz troubadours Jooklo Duo and the freewheelin’ collective Metabolismus – take on John Cage’s „random principle“ (and certainly his love for mushrooms) to develop a radical musical language. In order to communicate with an unnamed Other of unknown origin, they broadcast an electro-acoustic invitation letter into space. Roll over E.T. tell Sun Ra the news!

80 tapes, 40 minutes, 5 euro, riso printed cover.

spammaps#3 – coffee table books



spam 10

Dan Melchior – Black Night/New Morning (tape) + Biro Crimes (Zine)


Dan Melchior – Black Night / New Morning (Tape & Zine) SPAM#10 2015
Dan Melchior’s a busy soul. After having released records on Siltbreeze and Ultra Eczema this year, SPAM is proud to present another two sides of nocturnal and noisey collages. Sounds fueled with caffeine to make you buzz in the wee small hours of the morning. And as if this wasn’t enough to digest already, the tape comes along with a riso-printed art-book containing some of Mr. Melchiors fine drawings! A double dose of bleary-eyed 21st century blues! Out now in an edition of 80 and gone soon! Be quick or get a coffee first!

spam 11

Baldruin – Klaue


Known for his dreamy lo-fi ambient soundscapes Baldruin introduces a sonically more abrasive side on „Klaue“. There’s more distortion, more noise, more abstract random clutter. Chaos reigns sometimes and general darkness prevails. But don’t worry, the man behind the music is as cool, calm and collected as ever.

spam 12

Flamingo Creatures – U.K. Tour Tape/Rock Classics Vol.1



The improvising duo is back in the game for another half hour of joyful electro-acoustic clank. The noise banned on tape ranges from Kluster like proto-industrial to the silent acoustic sensibilities they share with Limpe Fuchs, the grande dame of rolling iron balls and the singing string-pendulum. There’s a lot to discover in the sonic nutshell that the Flamingo Creatures fill with sound.

spam 13



Joe Murray’s lo-fi-acoustic environments sound like triumphant documents over day-to-day turmoil. There’s a lot of noise in the annoying occurrences one has to deal with 24/7 – why not record, slice and combine all that for a more joyful purpose? Better than growing a stomach ulcer, isn’t it?

“reject the unconventional and embrace the standard! like with that mulligan & baker piano-less quartet the filthy skronk is gone, gone, gone. it’s in with cool grey mouth-sounds and soft minimal dictaphone huss. hope this tickles your silent way. fusion part 2 y’ralfs. your obedient servant – joe posset 2015”

side a: b-boop-boof-b // introducing the choir of doom // posset vs dook // mr forty five // immortal loops // malfunctioning olympus pearlcorder S701 // fucking about listening to birdyak

side b: posset vs lady day // ever the gentleman // posset vs yoni silver // fake soviet tape experiment iv // kerry king

posset’s vulgar wheat army:

spam 14

NILS QUAK – in girum imus nocte et consumimur igni


Having released on illustrious labels like SicSic, J&C, Cosmic Winnetou and Sacred Phrases lately, Cologne-based Nils Quak returns to Cologne for another damn fine collection of modular synth-music. Simple as that. „In girum imus nocte et consumimur igni“ – Nils Quak on SPAM. Period. 

I Can See Through Your Eyes
Dream Almost While Still Awake
Plätze In Städten
Zurückbleiben Bitte (Zwischen Wirklichkeit)
Sonne Ohne Licht
Und jetzt auch noch du
Return to Sender

Received 2014 in stolen moments of mid-life angst
Danke Ronnie!

spam 14, 2015
lim. 40

spam 15


Spam 15, 2015

A1 Die Grosse Liebe
A2 Die Obdachlos
B1 Der Teufel
B2 Andreea
B3 Tot Eu Tot

On this tape long time underground electronic composer Philippe Blanchard is presenting five new and adventurous cut-up sound collages from the desk of Lieutenant Caramel. Carefully processed, richly textured and constantly changing music. It may be difficult to make out the source of each sound but that’s part of the game and just one reason you’ll be coming back to this music.


spam 17

No Intention-Representative Works
spam 17, 2016,
c60 plus zine by allen mozek

A1 Collected Poems

Tapes (piano) – Sean McCann

A2 Stewart Skinner – Untitled

B1 Enter K

Voice – Russell Walker

B2 Selected Poems

a. Tape Op. Ex. (Four Cartridges)

b. Improvisation Tally

Keyboards – Mike Yaniro

c. World Bluff

Voice, Tapes – T.D.


Mastered by Sean McCann


spam 18

S.U.V. – Anghu

Speaking of hopeless prospects – „Anghu“ displays (just as Sisto Rossi’s „Soundtrack To A Nailed Shut Coffin“) a bleak and haunted sonic landscape. Sounds of unknown origin randomly appear and disappear, lost voices echo from within, something evil lurks inside a pitch-black darkness. Listen carfully for hints that may lead the way out and better shit your pants now – before it’s too late. Released in an edition of 30.


spam 19

Sisto Rossi – Soundtrack To A Nailed Shut Coffin

Sisto Rossi is a veteran in the Noise Underground, a DIY-activist since a toddler, so to speak. He released countless tapes and CD-Rs under a plethora on monikers (Wallkeeper, Sleepwalking, Padme, Houses In Texas etc.) and just a few under his real name. This one is as real as it gets: „Soundtrack To A Nailed Shut Coffin“ sounds and feels exactly like waking up buried six feed down: cold, dark and mouldy. The sound of muffled noises from the outside world above and your bleeding, scratching fingernails inside. There’s no hope, just a few hours left to breath. Relax, there’s nothing left to do. Released in an edition of 40.


spam 20


Kiko C. Esseiva – Zenith Larsen / Nadir Larsen (spam20)

Kiko C. Esseiva’s „Zenith Larsen / Nadir Larsen“ features two sidelong compositions of splendid sonic sensibility. The music’s constructed with care and caution. One noise fits to another like a hand in a glove. This is electro-acoustic elegance extraordinaire! Cool, calm and collected. Released in an edition of 50.


spam 21

King Kungo-Da ist der Rhein
A dark, empty and resonant space experienced and explored by a three year old while some distant piano music is echoing from the walls. A gentle field-recording: playful, adventurous and deeply human. Remember?


spam 22

Brandstifter-Die Stereoiden des Merz
Brandstifter’s collecting sound to recontextualize it in his very own manner. The recorded noises of unknown origin and bits of every day life are cut-up, looped and mixed without any consideration for the old question: „Yeah, but is it art?“ It’s THERE in the first place and if you listen carefully you’ve already answered to the affirmative. Open your ears and eyes and enjoy!

Released in an edition of 30.


spam 23

Sindre Bjerga
Fearless sound manipulations from this norwegian noise undergroud veteran. Mind-melting music free from any precognitions or compositional conventions. You simply can’t guess what’s next until it enters your acoustic meatus. Even if you’re an avid and experienced connaisseur of the electro-acoustic obscure: the two live-sets documented on this tape will keep you on your toes!

Released in an edition of 50.


spam 24

Ogiermann/ van Hassselt –
Aus rechtlichen Gründen darf Name nicht genannt werden

Musik von Ogiermann aus “Lepanto”, “Toch M”, “Schinnaui” Interviews von van Hasselt mit den Stimmen von Kuhlbrodt, Palmtag, Spehr

spam 25


cover günter

Günter Schlienz – Selbstportrait

Günter Schlienz is widely known for his well-crafted synthesizer compositions. This time he took his machines outdoors to record next to a campfire. It crackles along Günter’s peaceful modular meditations. Heartwarming, indeed!


spam 26

cover peter

Hawlimann & Stricktschek – TEENSDREAMS

Peter Strickmann and Philipp Hawlitschek are two hotshots when it comes to utilizing whatever‘s at hand to make some joyful noise. But don‘t be mistaken, they are not just messing arond, they are capable of bringing a pile of junk back to life. They are spirited hunters and gatherers of sounds heard and unheard. Come along for the ride!

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