Hawlimann & Stricktschek – TEENSDREAMS
Peter Strickmann and Philipp Hawlitschek are two hotshots when it comes to utilizing whatever‘s at hand to make some joyful noise. But don‘t be mistaken, they are not just messing arond, they are capable of bringing a pile of junk back to life. They are spirited hunters and gatherers of sounds heard and unheard. Come along for the ride!spam 26
Günter Schlienz – Selbstportrait
Günter Schlienz is widely known for his well-crafted synthesizer compositions. This time he took his machines outdoors to record next to a campfire. It crackles along Günter’s peaceful modular meditations. Heartwarming, indeed!spam 25 2017
UND: Unterwegs als Bunte Truppe mit Ignaz Schick und Limpe Fuchs
9.11. stuttgart – neue schachtel
10.11. nürnberg – raumzehndrei
11.11. wiesbaden – fragmente
12.11. saarbrücken – fasanerie

pretty great to be part of discombobulate party! fantastic label, great sounds, good people. thank you rob and joe!

Flamingo Creatures “Fisch Versucht das Sprechenlernen” Cassette – out now

Cassette tape in a run of 50 copies

Ten micro-moments of psychic sense-judder Straight Outta Cologne and Berlin.

These Flamingo Creatures, birth-named Ronnie and Ruth-Maria, gabble like freaky ghosts or twist the cans on vintage sound-boxes or drop exotic holiday recordings or strum a hefty violin or pound the black and white teeth of old Joanna.

But let’s be frank here – all they touch is fertile enough to grow damn cucumbers.

A richness of ideas coupled with a deft finger carves a new niche into the international underground – never afraid of beauty, comfortable as hell with free-space, standard bearers for expansive peyote visions dripped direct to C30.

Super classy with their shoes off. (Joe “Posset” Murray)

vital weekly:

EZIO PIERMANTEL – TRE MADRI LUDOPATICHE (cassette by Discombobulate)

Discombobulate presents three gems of free flowing brilliance and space music for the present
tense. Flamingo Creatures navigates tactile experiments with sound boxes and various
instrumentations to arrive at mesmerizing slow moving nebulous kraut-ambient like exotic and
quixotic holidays for over-agitated brain cells. Equal bits freaky as it is gentle and quite moving
indeed – transporting in a wonderland not only visited by the infamous Alice. Black and white
appears to be non-extant in this aural diorama of glowing colors – a kaleidoscope of new age of
these present times without any notion or connotation of the muzak and prayer bells usually
connected to this genre. Out there, but just within grasp for us mere mortals back on planet
earth, and also: not too far removed from a semi-acoustic twist on the idiom Gnod employs at
their most spacey and free-form.
Ezio Piermantel’s tape is different fare. His Hörspiel-like sequence of tracks (sometimes
‘songs’) comes across as a blend of Felix Kubin, The Residents and deranged tinkerings of free-
form Beck on a diet of Shit and Shine.  It’s all a bit Dada. It’s utterly strange, yet close to (aural)
home enough for comfort. Piermantel maintains a DIY approach to use sound use: i.e. he utilizes
what’s in the kitchen drawer or is strewn throughout the recording room. Paired with clever use
of electronics his construction ooze as much music concrète as they honor the best tradition of
homo ludens in the sonic fields forever unashamed and unbound. Sweltering hot stuff too.
Squeaky noise of what sounds like maltreated electronics and overdriven trumpet merged with
disembodied chanting and a clattering of percussion opens the proceedings on Farewell Body Bags
by Lambs Gamble. This brightly shining slab of fluorescent yellow vinyl takes no prisoners. Arid and
stale airs are filled to the brim with scratches, screams, body blows of bass and freakishly HOT
spices. A heady cocktail for sure, but in no way (too) academic. Lambs Gamble aims for and goes
with gut feeling. Let’s hope the coffee is strong enough to defend itself. The main question is:
‘What’s gestating in there?’ An alchemist’s broth of genuine musical prowess dedicated to full
frontal weirdness, chock full of odds and ends to loose your way in – ocean currents to loose you
feet; lava like rainbows blubbering down a mountain side with waterfalls and unicorns or flying wool
sheep.  Toads singing by the side of the pond – on a froggy night. Seems all quite natural too me;
nothing contrived or too thought out and over. Living the life of taking a risk, not giving a shit and
damn well knowing what the funk you’re doing. And when. And how. The Cabaret Voltaire in yellow
absinthe glow glory. (SSK)



Ogiermann/ van Hassselt – A.r.G.da.Na.ni
Aus rechtlichen Gründen darf Name nicht genannt werden

Musik von Ogiermann aus “Lepanto”, “Toch M”, “Schinnaui” Interviews von van Hasselt mit den Stimmen von Kuhlbrodt, Palmtag, Spehr

Tape zum Ton-Film-Vortrag von Jan van Hasselt

Eine Art Dino mit Stacheln auf dem Rücken, der eine Kulisse aus Miniaturhäusern zertrampelt und einen Schrei ausstößt, der klingt, als wäre ein Grammophon kaputt. Er darf nicht gezeigt werden, und sein Name nicht genannt. Denn die japanische Produktionsfirma Toho achtet peinlich genau auf den Schutz der Trademark.
Was fasziniert so an Argdanani? Wer ist er? Und was will er eigentlich hier? Antworten sucht der Filmemacher Jan van Hasselt auf der Bühne und im Video-Interview mit Experten wie Jörg Buttgereit, Sebastian Krehl, Dietrich Kuhlbrodt, Jürgen Palmtag und Christoph Spehr.




delta wave fest!


10. juni

10.06., 21 Uhr:
Little Whirls (HH) + Schrein (Berlin/Köln)
Bei Ruth (Ziegrastr. 11-13, S-Sonnenallee)
[in den Räumlichkeiten des bei Roy e.V.]

links + info:
*Little Whirls
Hamburg Allstar Band mit Leuten von: Herrenmagazin, Schrottgrenze, Kommando Sonnenmilch, Bierbeben, Endmonster, Aosuke, Phantom Horse, …

15.07.2017:datashock, Festival @ Sennfeld (near Schweinfurt), Germany



und was nicht alles los ist:






sommer, sonne, strandparty

August 28, 2016



Kiko C. Esseiva – Zenith Larsen / Nadir Larsen (spam20)

Kiko C. Esseiva’s „Zenith Larsen / Nadir Larsen“ features two sidelong compositions of splendid sonic sensibility. The music’s constructed with care and caution. One noise fits to another like a hand in a glove. This is electro-acoustic elegance extraordinaire! Cool, calm and collected. Released in an edition of 50.




Sisto Rossi – Soundtrack To A Nailed Shut Coffin (spam19)

Sisto Rossi is a veteran in the Noise Underground, a DIY-activist since a toddler, so to speak. He released countless tapes and CD-Rs under a plethora on monikers (Wallkeeper, Sleepwalking, Padme, Houses In Texas etc.) and just a few under his real name. This one is as real as it gets: „Soundtrack To A Nailed Shut Coffin“ sounds and feels exactly like waking up buried six feed down: cold, dark and mouldy. The sound of muffled noises from the outside world above and your bleeding, scratching fingernails inside. There’s no hope, just a few hours left to breath. Relax, there’s nothing left to do. Released in an edition of 40.




S.U.V. – Anghu (spam18)

Speaking of hopeless prospects – „Anghu“ displays (just as Sisto Rossi’s „Soundtrack To A Nailed Shut Coffin“) a bleak and haunted sonic landscape. Sounds of unknown origin randomly appear and disappear, lost voices echo from within, something evil lurks inside a pitch-black darkness. Listen carfully for hints that may lead the way out and better shit your pants now – before it’s too late. Released in an edition of 30.




01.09. günter schlienz und stubenhexe, baustelle kalk, köln

01.09. limpe fuchs, fragmente, wiesbaden

02.09. pretty lightning/datashock, u.v.m., z-bau, nürnberg

09.09. von spar, exploded view, datashock, conne island, leipzig

10.09. 9 jahre golden shop, datashock, friese, bremen

16.09. razen, werner durand, stadtgarten, köln

20.09. chuck johnson, fragmente, wiesbaden


Thanks for support!!!





our hobby keeps us busy

April 23, 2016

out now:


20160408_173050 20160408_173018 20160408_173120 20160408_173013

No Intention – Representative Works c60, Spam 17

this cassette was conceived as a rejoinder to its

own mirror. criticism, like the lecture, is much

neglected as art form itself. colors. is it music

to talk about or music to talk over?


policy to misinformant – this cassette was

conceived as a rejoinder, but falls prey to the

selfsame tropes it criticizes – tape, field

recording, room sound. the only difference

here is the utter negligence towards skill, craft

or concept. noises & sounds rather than noise

music or sound art. policy redact – words keep

talking. get rid of images – even this one.

especially this one. it lies.


is the music worth making or is it worth

listening too? i have never determined whether

the poem is something revealed by chipping

away at the uncarved block of language, or if

the poem is instead a pile of pebbles built by

hand, but eventually worn smooth by rain.


language is the slash through an error

which yet leaves the mistake legible.


archiving is a way of forgetting, but

recording is profanity. the temptation, as

always, is to cease the chatter & stop making

work. all that would be left is to abolish

what has come before.


there is never a good reason to write a word.


“allen mozek”


A1 Collected Poems

Tapes (piano) – Sean McCann

A2 Stewart Skinner – Untitled

B1 Enter K

Voice – Russell Walker

B2 Selected Poems

a. Tape Op. Ex. (Four Cartridges)

b. Improvisation Tally

Keyboards – Mike Yaniro

c. World Bluff

Voice, Tapes – T.D.


Mastered by Sean McCann


Tape & Zine (a5), 10euro. write to: spambirds@gmx.de or allen.



20160320_115521 20160320_115541

from whatever angle you approach it, the present offers no way out.

this is not the least of its virtues. from those who seek hope above all,

it tears away every firm ground. those who claim to have solutions are

contradicted almost immediately. everyone agrees that things can only

get worse. “the future has no future” is the wisdom of an age that, for all

its appearance of perfect normalcy, has reached the level

of consciousness of the first punks.


riso printed a4 comic zine, 8euro, write: spambirds@gmx.de

check out dr stegs universe: http://www.batcow.co.uk/steg/comics.htm



20160423_132032 20160423_132043 20160423_132055





see you soon:


or here



SPAM 13,14,15 OUT SOON…

December 6, 2015



Spam 15, 2015

A1 Die Grosse Liebe
A2 Die Obdachlos
B1 Der Teufel
B2 Andreea
B3 Tot Eu Tot

On this tape long time underground electronic composer Philippe Blanchard is presenting five new and adventurous cut-up sound collages from the desk of Lieutenant Caramel. Carefully processed, richly textured and constantly changing music. It may be difficult to make out the source of each sound but that’s part of the game and just one reason you’ll be coming back to this music.




NILS QUAK – in girum imus nocte et consumimur igni 

Having released on illustrious labels like SicSic, J&C, Cosmic Winnetou and Sacred Phrases lately, Cologne-based Nils Quak returns to Cologne for another damn fine collection of modular synth-music. Simple as that. „In girum imus nocte et consumimur igni“ – Nils Quak on SPAM. Period. 

I Can See Through Your Eyes
Dream Almost While Still Awake
Plätze In Städten
Zurückbleiben Bitte (Zwischen Wirklichkeit)
Sonne Ohne Licht
Und jetzt auch noch du
Return to Sender

Received 2014 in stolen moments of mid-life angst
Danke Ronnie!

spam 14, 2015
lim. 40


POSSET Standard
SPAM 13, 2015

Joe Murray’s lo-fi-acoustic environments sound like triumphant documents over day-to-day turmoil. There’s a lot of noise in the annoying occurrences one has to deal with 24/7 – why not record, slice and combine all that for a more joyful purpose? Better than growing a stomach ulcer, isn’t it?

“reject the unconventional and embrace the standard! like with that mulligan & baker piano-less quartet the filthy skronk is gone, gone, gone. it’s in with cool grey mouth-sounds and soft minimal dictaphone huss. hope this tickles your silent way. fusion part 2 y’ralfs. your obedient servant – joe posset 2015”

side a: b-boop-boof-b // introducing the choir of doom // posset vs dook // mr forty five // immortal loops // malfunctioning olympus pearlcorder S701 // fucking about listening to birdyak

side b: posset vs lady day // ever the gentleman // posset vs yoni silver // fake soviet tape experiment iv // kerry king

posset’s vulgar wheat army: sweetflagfour@blueyonder.co.uk


Back from the UK

August 23, 2015

We had a wonderfull trip and would like to thank everyone for their hospitality and support: Thanks to Chris and Dave, Samantha, Phil  and Kostis, Ben and Hannah, Kelly and Pascal, Deren and Gozde, James and Sarah,Krzysztof, Keeby, John and family, Ash, Dave, Robert, Joe, Adam, Murray and Holly, Dex, Peter, Sophie, Jake and Ned and everyone who was involved in Tor ist Das! Festival!! Thank you so much!!! Hope to see all of you soon!!

The biggest thanks go to brother daniel, who made everything possible! sheeesh!


there a two new spam tapes-out now:

Baldruin – Klaue (SPAM, 2015)
Known for his dreamy lo-fi ambient soundscapes Baldruin introduces a sonically more abrasive side on „Klaue“. There’s more distortion, more noise, more abstract random clutter. Chaos reigns sometimes and general darkness prevails. But don’t worry, the man behind the music is as cool, calm and collected as ever.



Flamingo Creatures – U.K. Tour Tape/Rock Classics Vol.1 (SPAM, 2015)
The improvising duo is back in the game for another half hour of joyful electro-acoustic clank. The noise banned on tape ranges from Kluster like proto-industrial to the silent acoustic sensibilities they share with Limpe Fuchs, the grande dame of rolling iron balls and the singing string-pendulum. There’s a lot to discover in the sonic nutshell that the Flamingo Creatures fill with sound.



both available for 5 Euro: spambirds@gmx.de


we are really looking forward to play together with limpe fuchs at this festival in september:


check out the amazing line up here: http://irgendeinscheiss.de/shitstock/2015_troglobatem




June 5, 2015



Dan Melchior – Black Night / New Morning (Tape & Zine) SPAM#10 2015
Dan Melchior’s a busy soul. After having released records on Siltbreeze and Ultra Eczema this year, SPAM is proud to present another two sides of nocturnal and noisey collages. Sounds fueled with caffeine to make you buzz in the wee small hours of the morning. And as if this wasn’t enough to digest already, the tape comes along with a riso-printed art-book containing some of Mr. Melchiors fine drawings! A double dose of bleary-eyed 21st century blues! Out now in an edition of 80 and gone soon! Be quick or get a coffee first!

out now!

zine + tape: 10euros
order: spambirds@gmx.de

20150604_135959 20150604_140009 20150604_140025


spammaps#3 – coffee table books

20150604_140126 20150604_140137 20150604_140158

alles muckefuck

zine: 4 euro




25.06.2015 Lärz, Germany @ Fusion

25.07.2015 Tägerwilen, Switzerland @ Nothing Hill Fest, Wagon

13.08.2015 Hengelo, Nethlerlands @ Innocent

22.08.2015 Gallenneukirchen, Austria @ Klangfestival



flamingo creatures

12.-14.6. 2015 Das Große O Tannebaum Waldfest 2015, Fort Gorgast Haus 3, 15328 Gorgast, Brandenburg, Germany

02.07. Limpe Fuchs + Flamingo Creatures, Sisto Rossi + Peter Strickmann, tba, Karlsruhe

03.07. Limpe Fuchs + Flamingo Creatures, Sisto Rossi + Peter Strickmann,makroscope, Mülheim an der Ruhr

04.07.Limpe Fuchs + Flamingo Creatures, Sisto Rossi + Peter Strickmann, Rheinau 12, 56075 Koblenz

uk tour mit daniel voigt

AUG 06 – London – Beartown Records Live: Ryans Bar
AUG 07 – Manchester -tba
AUG 08 – Bradford – Fuse Art Gallery
AUG 09 – York-tba
AUG 11 – Gateshead – The Old Police Station
AUG 12 – Nottingham – Rammel Club: The Chameleon Arts Cafe
AUG 13 – Lincoln – Weird Garden: Decimal Place
AUG 14 – Todmorden – Tor Ist Das Festival
AUG 15 – Todmorden – Tor Ist Das Festival
AUG 16 – Todmorden – Tor Ist Das Festival



March 12, 2015

sinergia cover


Straight outta Degenfeld: Sinergia Elettronica – the joined forces of Free Jazz troubadours Jooklo Duo and the freewheelin’ collective Metabolismus – take on John Cage’s „random principle“ (and certainly his love for mushrooms) to develop a radical musical language. In order to communicate with an unnamed Other of unknown origin, they broadcast an electro-acoustic invitation letter into space. Roll over E.T. tell Sun Ra the news!

out soon!!!
80 tapes, 40 minutes, 5 euro, riso printed cover.

order: spambirds@gmx.de or via meudiademorte


spam maps #2 ……………………………R U H N E N……………………………….4euro

spammaps 2 cover


printed by chacha & tantra

see you:

broken sound 2




spam8: ansgar wilken “thank you” tape



ansgar wilkens “thank you” is a beautiful cut up radio play. motifs are created, dropped and then, elsewhere, to resound. in the background oscillates almost with a small Saravah humor. Everything seems to be very fragile, tender and close. And that is perhaps the reason why “thank you” calls shots of Areski, Barouh or Philippe Maté & Daniel Vallancien in memory.
Cello, everyday objects, a running TV in Ansgars room is still a free chair, sit down!


















cello, fiddle, keyboard, electronics, samples, camping dishes, glasses, hamster cage by ansgar wilken

recorded by ansgar wilken, mastering by frank schültge blumm, cover art by ruth-naria adam






thanks for the kind words!

bad alchemy:

SCHREIN EinsZweinSchrein (Spam 7 / Meudiademorte, MDDM55, LP): Die Frage, wann es absurd wird, lässt sich nicht leicht beantworten: Schon beim Anblick des braunäugigen Cover-Buddhas? Oder erst mitten in ‘Llullaillaco’ auf halber Strecke der A-Seite, wenn Bastian Hagedorn, Ronnie Oliveras und – etwas zurückhaltender – Ruth-Maria Adam wie vom Affen gebissen ausrasten? Aufgeworfen wurde die Frage schon vor zehn Jahren von Datashock, jenem Spook-Folk-Gruselkraut-Kollektiv aus der Saarvanne, in dem neben dem hier für die Coverkunst zuständigen Meudiademorte-Macher Pascal Hector auch Oliveras und Adam mal als Rambo-Wikinger, mal als Mudschahidin der Liebe unterwegs sind, para dieswärts dull oder zu den Pyramiden von Gießen. Oliveras und Adam hatten auch schon als Autistic Argonauts ihre Magic Maggi Moments. Und als Flamingo Creatures konnte man ihnen auf gemeinsamem Trampelpfad mit Limpe Fuchs begegnen oder beim Nacht Fressen auf, ich fass es nicht, auf Cosmic Winnetou. Dergleichen Humor, solcherart Weirdness kommt daher im Narrengewand einer Art Brut, zu der Hagedorn, der zuvor bei Ben Butler & Mousepad getrommelt und mit Schrein den Tod der blauen Banane betrauert oder den Leuchtturm der Idioten bestiegen hat, seinen dritten Teil beiträgt. Hatten sie bisher zu Titeln wie ‘Schmärz’ oder ‘Sonnenschrein’ etwas zurechtgebogen, so sind es nun Zungenbrecher, die einem mit ihrem vulkanischen Wesen ins Gesicht springen. Beim erleuchteten Mondrian, mir schwittert Heil und Unheil zugleich. Sich bei Jean Dubufett (sic!), Dieter Roth, Ghedalia Tazartes, Anima und Amon Düül einzuhenkeln, ist an sich ein ehrenwertes Bemühen, mit Hirsche Nicht Aufs Sofa oder Aalfang Mit Pferdekopf gibt es ja auch schon Zuchterfolge im hiesigen Freak-Zoo. Adams Urgeige, Oliveras Klarinettengequieke und Hagedorns erratische Perkussion, improvisatorisch und mit effektvollen Raumzeitirritationen, lassen sich ohne weiteres als brutistische Rohkost goutieren. Der Plinkplonkfaktor ist rasant oder einfach nur weird, immer außerordentlich jedenfalls. Das vokale Goin’-Ape, das zuerst nur als schamanoider Chor anhebt, gilt es auszuhalten als Ausflippmoment hin zum hellwachen Trippen. ‘Emi Koussi’ lässt einen zu gedämpftem Tamtam Traumgummi kauen, ‘Fogo’ feilt einem als klarinettistischer Nichtpogo die Synapsen blank. ‘Shinmoedake’ ist ein einziges Zerren an den ästhetischen Kapazitäten mit perkussiver Spezialbehandlung der Molekularebene. Und ‘Eyjafjallajökull’ beeindruckt zuletzt mit fingerspitzer Pointillistik, Hagedorn betröpfelt Fell und Bleche, betickelt Gongs und Triangel, Adam beprickelt die Strings, Oliveras strahlt Dröhnwellen aus. Die drei sehen sich als Kobolde und Schärzkekse, die ihre Musik als alles, nur nicht als hochgestochenen Mumpitz gehört haben möchten, weder den in Munkelhöhlen, noch den in Improkapellen oder Klanglabors. Datashock waren 2010 schon in Schiphorst, Schrein wären jederzeit für diese und selbst höhere Weihen bereit. [BA 83 rbd]

Das unkontrollierte Chaos hält Schrein wach. Es wird geklöppelt, verballhornt, gejodelt und gehustet. Die Improvisation grätscht zuweilen sogar mit Humor ins Experiment. Ein Becken scheppert, selbstgebaute „Instrumente“ kommen zum Einsatz, um der Tradition der Avantgarde immer ein „Stöckchen“ oder eine Dissonanz voraus zu sein.

Schrein haben Spaß an ihrem Krach. Vielleicht sollte man niemals mehr das Wort Noise benutzen? Schwingt da nicht schon zuviel Absicht mit? Krach und Freiheit, statt Freak Jazz und Neue Musik.

Das Schlagzeug ist nur Trittbrettfahrer, wenn die Violine David Garrett verprügelt oder die Katze aus dem Sack lässt. Eine Klarinette hingegen haucht sehnsuchtsvoll die Töne, die man bei Bohren und der Club of Gore seit Jahren vermisst.

Die sechs Tracks wagen sich was. Die ruhigen Momente versprechen Unheil, ja sogar Tiefenentspannung auf Diazepam.

Die aufbrausenden Situationen, ja man kann von Situationen sprechen, huldigen dem Spleen des NoWave. Schrein klingen wie der Schall eines Jean Dubufett. Wie im Swinger-Club ist alles möglich und nichts erzwungen. Schrein entstehen. Durch das Zusammenspiel des Trios entwickeln sich Situationen, die man auf Band festhalten muss, um sie für die Ewigkeit zu konservieren oder bei einem Bier Revue passieren lassen zu können. Schrein vollbringen eine Lautmalerei, ohne den Oberlehrerfinger. Sie durchwalzen die Hörgewohnheiten der Musikpolizei und halten diese mit Krawall auf Tuchfühlung.

Schrein sind der Ohrensessel deiner Nerven. Schrein sind die schmuddelige Schwester des im Mainstream angekommenen Kammerflimmer Kollektiefs. Sie spucken auf die Sekt-aus-Flöten-trinkenden Avantgardisten auf Vernissagen. Vielleicht sind Schrein ja auch Rock und die Schubladen klemmen nur?




vital weekly:
JADA – THE VAULTS (double 10″ by Cosmic Volume/Innerlandscapes)
From Germany hails the trio of Schrein: Ruth-Maria Adam, Bastian Hagedorn and Ronnie Oliveras they recorded their album in an abandoned warehouse on the outskirts of Berlin. There are drums, clarinet and violin, and occasionally the addition of their voices; I assume all three of them take duties in that. The members have been involved with the Flamingo Creatures (sometimes with Limpe Fuchs) and Datashock, and claim they ‘are experienced players in a mostly invisible German Experimental Music Underground’. Hagedorn was also member of Gtuk and Ben Butler & Mousepad – I must admit: all very invisible as I never heard of any of this. They shout, scream, whisper and whatever else, while there is a fine torture of instruments going on. Not necessarily very loud or obnoxious (well, perhaps obnoxious to some it will always be), but sometimes carefully playing away their instruments. There is a certain raw and untamed quality about this music, a fine energy in this musicianship, which doesn’t seem to be dealing with how well instruments are played. It’s a clear manifestation of non-musicianship with some hilarious moments, some total embarrassments and some great introspective playing. One of the weirdo’s.
And I hate to lump things together, but I think the new JaDa record is not unlike Schrein, and yet quite different too. Music is one of the many activities of Jan van den Dobbelsteen (Ja) and Danielle Lemaire (Da) who occupy themselves also with visual arts and performances. They have been doing this for a long time, maybe seventeen or so years. This new record, and the title indicates that, is a collection of pieces that have been lying around in their ‘vaults’. Unreleased bits and pieces from all these years. JaDa don’t use a rock line up, but have a wide collection of toy instruments, organs, keyboards, string and whistle instruments, all of which they are not the most proficient players either. Much of this comes with the voice of Lemaire, who recites texts, sings and whispers. Some of these pieces are just them playing around, talking to each other (“don’t make that sound, it’s doesn’t fit”, “what’s this about?”) and as such I think it shares the same non-musicianship sensibility of Schrein and maybe all of this we could see as outsider music. Which in the case of JaDa means they are outsiders when it comes to such notions as a ‘good composition’, ‘a fine recording’ but knowing them it very much their ‘art’ in general and as such they are respect as ‘artists’ by ‘official’ channels. Me personally I liked their more organised music best, but this peak into the vaults is surely as often hilarious, funny and serious. (FdW)
Address: http://www.meudiademorte.de
Address: http://www.iae.nl/users/jada



Husten und ­Humor

Platte Buch von Nils Quak

Improvisierte Musik hat nicht gerade den besten Leumund. Und direkt vorneweg: Wer eingängige Musik, klassische Songstrukturen oder dergleichen sucht, den wird Schrein sicherlich enttäuscht zurücklassen. Alle anderen aber, die sich dem Album mit offenen Ohren nähern, werden schnell feststellen, dass freie Musik nicht unbedingt schwierig oder schwer zugänglich sein muss. Bei »EinsZweinSchrein« hat man weniger den Eindruck, mit einer eher wahllosen Kombination von Sounds konfrontiert zu werden, als vielmehr einem sich spontan entwickelnden Ritual beizuwohnen, dessen Regeln man zwar nicht vollends versteht, das einen aber immer tiefer in seinen Bann zieht. Hierzu trägt maßgeblich das fokussierte Schlagzeug- und Perkussionspiel bei, das vordergründig vielleicht hektisch und kleinteilig wirken mag, jedoch auch in längeren Passagen nicht nervt oder sich aufzwingt.

Bei Schrein handelt es sich um ein gut eingespieltes Trio, das es versteht, eine gute Por­tion Humor in die Musik einfließen zu lassen. In »Llullaillaco« etwa, dem zweiten Stück des Albums, kippt eine mantraartige Vokalpassage in krächzendes Husten und Röcheln. Fernab von jeglichen Musikdiskursen, die ansonsten in populären Musikmedien breitgetreten werden, ist hier ein Kleinod voll Tiefe, Witz und Harmonie (ja, auch die ist reichlich zu finden) entstanden, das zu begeistern weiß. Und eigentlich sollte das Cover allein schon Grund genug sein, sich diese Platte zu besorgen.

Schrein: EinsZweinSchrein. Spam Records



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there is also a new schrein and sleazy pictures of teapee tape on mo’ tapes




thanks to eric and benjamin.


next dates:

17/18. 10. datashock – ottfest

29.11. flamingo creatures – shiny toys


phantom limbo:

Dolphins Into The Future
Monopoly Child Star Searchers
Office Du Cave, Frankfurt
DSR Lines
Ogon Batto
Walpodenakademie, Mainz
Least Carpet
im Rahmen der Vernissage von Johannes Schebler: „Vor und hinter dem dem Spiegel Deiner Augen“
Fragmente Wiesbaden
Lee Noble
Walpodenakademie Mainz
obacht köln!
10354875_10152068602067255_7848054164473512213_nDSR LINES (Belgien)
Kosmische modular synth. presenting a new album on Sicsic Tapes and later this year a full LP on Ultra Eczema!

“.. liquifying modular synth stunners layed down like an audible acupuncture session. Delicate and precise penetrations giving way to a rush of foamy euphoria like an analog synth microcosmos, enveloping into delicate sequenced melodies and vast synthesizer vistas..” (weedtemple)


ŌGON BATTO (Belgien)
magnetic tapecollages and electro-acoustic improv.

“Ōgon Batto is the alter ego of soundshamanist Bent Von Bent, co-runner of the Hare Akedod label and group. The sounds gathered on his latest magnetic shiner root deeply in the subconscious with it’s nightmarish fever blues and goldplated shimmering rays of electronic fuzzwash” (h.a)


Nils Quaks improvisierte Arbeiten mit modularem Synthesizer bewegen sich zwischen Noise, Drone und Live-Experiment. Quak geht es weniger um Musik als Ausdruck; viel mehr stehen Experiment und Erfahrung des Klangs als Ereignis im Fokus der Arbeiten. Die fehlende Option der Reproduzierbarkeit ist eines der zentralen Momente in den Performances. Nils Quak hat in den letzten Jahren unter anderem auf Labels wie SicSic, Umor Rex oder Nomadic Kids Republic veröffentlicht.


23.11.2014 Köln Stadtgarten
Ghédalia Tazartès’ Musik bewegt sich seit über dreißig Jahren entlang und über die Grenzen von Musique Concrète, vokaler Improvisationen und elektro-akustischen Experimenten hinaus. Seine markerschütternde Stimme reicht bis in die Tiefen menschlicher Abgründe hinab, und die psychoakustischen Klangbilder des kompromisslosen Autodidakten werfen dunkle Schatten ebenso wie sie in ihren sonnigen Momenten strahlend leuchten. Paradoxe, widersprüchliche Musik, die zugleich fesselt und befreit.

Mik Quantius ist ein langjähriger Musiker der Krautrock-Legende Embryo, deren psychedelische Kompositionen er um abenteuerliche Vokal-Improvisationen bereichert. Als Solo-Künstler bringt er seine Stimme pur und um elektronische Elemente erweitert auf die Bühne. Vokale Noise Experimente, das ganze Spektrum der menschlichen Stimme und mehr – unverkrampft und frei.

Ghédalia Tazartès (F)
Mik Quantius (D)

“Vokal-Improvisation, Musique Concrète, Experimental”

VVK: 10,00€
AK: 12,00€






August 1, 2014

as pascal already said: Our trip to Lithuania was great experience and you all should visit the next STRCAMP Festival! Big thumbs up to Matas, Linas (best guide ever), Radvilė, Indrė, Marek, Oras and so much more people! Really a big thank you to everybody who helped and build up this amazing festival! Thanks for your great hospitality!

schrein is on tour. thanks to everyone who is helping us! we really appreciate it and we are looking forward to see all of you soon!!

08.08.2014. Berlin,Germany@ Bei Ruth w/ City Hands, Arvind Ganga
09.08.2014: Bremen, Germany @ K’ w/ City Hands, Arvind Ganga, Astro Cloud, David Wallraf, Hexeneiche, Sleazy Pictures of Teapee
10.08.2014: Frankfurt, Germany @ Office Du Pain
11.08.2014: Essen, Germany @ Denkodrom,
12.08.2014: Hannover, Germany @ Bei Koc
13.08.2014: Brussels, Belgium @ Klein Eiland
14.08.2014: Antwerpen, Belgium @ Het Bos (Bar)
15.08.2014: Mülheim an der Ruhr, Germany @ Destruktiva Fest, AJZ,
16.08.2014: Liege, Belgium @ Terril Piron w/ R.O.T.
17.08.2014: Saarbrücken, Germany @ Fasanerie w/ Sinergia Elettronica ( Jooklo Duo & Metabolismus)


we will have our first lp with us. einszweischrein. and we have to thank pascal, zymryte, holger, johannes, beiruth, datashock family, lars and felix for their help and support!


Schrein – EinsZweinSchrein (Meudiademorte/SPAM 2014)

Is Ronnie choking a duck? No, it’s the squeaking sounds of his clarinet! Is Bastian infested with itching powder? No, he’s playing the drums! And what’s up with Ruth? – Her violin’s moaning like a cat in heat! The improvising trio of Schrein is blasting out some joyful Noise & (No-)Nonsense! Recorded in an abandoned warehouse on the outskirts of Berlin the music echoes the pioneering musical works of Dieter Roth or Jean Dubufett without just imitating goofy gestures and cheerfully sits next to contemporaries like Ghedalia Tazartes, Phil Minton or Limpe Fuchs.

After having released a small run of cassettes and CD-rs „EinsZweinSchrein“ is the trio’s debut release on vinyl. It’s a life-embracing statement, it’s experimental music in opposition to ossified musical orthodoxies: Fearless and funny, friendly and free.

Ruth-Maria Adam and Ronnie Oliveras are also performing and touring as Flamingo Creatures (sometimes together with the aforementioned Limpe Fuchs) and as a part of the psychedelic music collective Datashock. They are experienced players in a mostly invisible German Experimental Music Underground. Bastian Hagedorn also inherits a rich musical past and present by having played in electronic music outfits like Gtuk or Ben Butler & Mousepad and being a member of the underground Black Metal band Sun Worship.

Schrein is a radical departure from well-known musical pathways for all of its three members. Schrein is different. Listen to Schrein.

(Holger Adam)

order infos very soon.


Datashock is doing there “Keine Oase in Sicht” Tour with Pretty Lightning in September!

Datashock “Keine Oase in Sicht” Tour
w/ Pretty Lighting

11.09.2014: Würzburg CAIRO, Jugendkulturhaus Würzburg, Germany
12.09.2014: A Berry Feast – Music, Art & Nature, St. Pölten, Austria
13.09.2014: A Berry Feast – Music, Art & Nature, St. Pölten, Austria
14.09.2014: Praha, Czech @ TBC
15.09.2014: Chemnitz @ Odradek, Germany
16.09.2014: Nürnberg @ Desi, Germany
17.09.2014: Leipzig @ Palmengarten, Germany
18.09.2014: Berlin @ Bei Ruth, Germany
19.09.2014: Hamburg @ Westwerk, Germany
20.09.2014: Tilburg @ Incubate Saturday (Current 93, Goat, Wovenhand, Skitsystem, Pins, Wooden Wand, Thisquietarmy, Unkind and more), Netherlands*
21.09.2014: Brussels @ Klein Eiland 1, Belgium
22.09.2014: Enschede @ The Loch, Netherlands w/ Bird People. Flamingo Creatures
23.09.2014: Antwerpen @ Het Bos, Belgium w/ Cave
24.09.2014: Mülheim @ Makroskope, Germany
25.09.2014: Saarbrücken @ Fasanerie, Germany w/ Bird People
26.09.2014: A Psychedelic Extravaganza Festival II: Datashock, Bird People, Günter Schlienz, Sisto Rossi and more tba., Darmstadt @ Oetinger Villa, Germany *
27.09.2014: Köln @ klubgenauu, Germany w / Christoph Heemann*
18.10.2014: Ottfest @ Duisburg w/ France and more *
* without Pretty Lighting


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